Photos of Our Riders

We don't just make good riders, we make good friends!
Devon MacLeod & Me First modeling at USEF Pony Finals, 2010
Devon MacLeod and Leap of Faith winning MHC Mini Medal Finals, 2009
Devon MacLeod and Leap of Faith at USEF Pony Finals, 2010
Devon MacLeod and Shotgun, 2012
Mercedes Chamberless and Christian's Grace, 2010
Devon MacLeod and Colleen Mahoney's Bittersweet, 2013
Devon MacLeod & Abigail Gerrish with the rest of the NH State Team during the Challenge of the States at NEHC Finals 2013
Lilly Manion and Stole My Heart, 2013
Lilly Manion and Leap of Faith, 2012
Megan Martin and Victory, 2012
Colleen Mahoney and Eclipse
Abbigale Gerrish and Dream Out Loud, 2013
Aine Cronin and Carrera Creek in the NorCal Pony Medal, 1995
Devon MacLeod and Notorious in the children's hunters, HITS Ocala 2014
Kaylee Vance and Bella Luna with their ribbons from the NEHC Pleasure division
Tina Rocco and Shotgun on their way to winning the NEHC Junior Medal
Mia Bonacorsi and Megan Martin with Mia's champion ribbon from her short stirrups debut
Vashti Brotherhood and Sheryl MacLeod waiting for their classes at the Castle Neck Horse Show
Britt Ritzinger and Chester in the adult jumpers
Aine Cronin and Stole My Heart with their blue ribbon from the Adult Eq Flat
Madison Vance and Ever After before their short stirrups divison
Kassidy Hyde and Bella Luna winning the Elementary Eq. Flat
Anna Leighton making her walk-trot debut on everybody's favorite pony, Ever After
Devon MacLeod and Notorious, Champion Junior Hunters Northeast Benefit 2014
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